School Year: 2020-2021  /  Number of Courses: 0

Department Overview

The study of languages is receiving increased emphasis due to today's world of international communication, travel, and the need to better understand our neighbors throughout the world. Study of another language not only provides individuals with the ability to express thoughts and ideas for their own purposes, but also provides them with access to perspectives and knowledge that is only available through the language and culture.The World Languages Department offers courses designed to meet both college entrance requirements and the interests and needs of all students. In sequential courses, spoken communication is given major emphasis. Reading and writing are emphasized at the novice, intermediate and advanced levels. As language competency cannot be separated from the culture and customs of the people who use it, all language courses will cover the history, civilization and customs of the target language in comparison to the learner’s language and culture. The proficiencies acquired through the study of languages and literatures give language learners cognitive, analytical, and communication skills that carry over into many other areas of their academic studies.


World language sequencing chart



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