School Year: 2020-2021  /  Number of Courses: 0

Department Overview

AUHSD recognizes the critical relationship between healthy, physically fit students and academic achievement. Physical education and Health Science are vital elements in a comprehensive, well designed educational program. We believe the physical, mental, and emotional health of students and their success in school are intimately linked. Healthy and physically fit students are more likely to make healthy choices, realize their potential, avoid risky behaviors, and have good mental/emotional health. Our mission is to develop health and physical education literacy in all students. Health literate individuals understand scientifically based principles of health promotion and disease prevention, incorporate that knowledge into personal health-related attitudes and behaviors, and make good health a personal priority. Physically educated students have the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in various forms of physical activity, value physical fitness and understand the connection between overall health and fitness. Health Science and Physical Education courses work together to provide each student with the knowledge and opportunity to work towards his or her maximum physiological development; motivate students to maintain a high level of physical fitness and good health throughout life; improve the student's self-image; and provide knowledge and skills which can be used by students to maintain their health throughout life.




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