Building & Construction Trades Industry

Department Overview

Standards, which are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Instruction reinforces core skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics. Course instruction emphasizes career ready practices in communication, ethics, interpersonal/team skills, critical thinking and problem solving, safety, technology, and employability skills.

All CTE courses offered through the North Orange County Occupational Program (NOCROP) program have been assigned a course code number, a major course title or abbreviation, and a three character room number designation which will identify the location of the student's placement. This system has been coordinated with the Anaheim Union High School District's Information Systems Department, and is used by all senior high schools when students are scheduled in selected ROP areas of instruction.


9th - 12th
10.0 credits
Recommendation: None.
UC - "G" Approved

(ROP) This Foundations of Residential and Commercial Construction course is the first in a sequence of classes in the Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA). The instructional program for this course includes preparing isometric and working drawings, freehand sketches, and blueprint reading. BITA I focuses on measurements, technical vocabulary, and building fundamentals. Instruction includes the wooden frame structure theory, the assembly of framing members and subassemblies into unified wholes, and the light gauge steel framing theory. Students learn to layout and shape stock and to assemble wood articles as well as wood furniture.

10th - 12th
10.0 credits
Recommendation: A grade of "C" or better in BITA 1.
UC - "G" Approved

(ROP) This Study of Modern Craftsmanship and Infrastructure course is the second in a sequence of classes in the Building Industry and Technology Academy (BITA). The instructional program for this course provides exploratory experiences and laboratory activities related to the residential construction industry. Through the use of modular instructional units, students are introduced to different professions and trades associated with residential construction. This program assists individuals in making meaningful occupational and educational choices. Instruction focuses on four major trades: light gauge structural steel, electrical, plumbing, and concrete/masonry.

11th - 12th
10.0 credits
Recommendation: A "C" or better in BITA 2.
UC - "G" Approved

(ROP) Energy Efficiency and Advance Construction Techniques is the third course in a series of four. BITA 3 focuses on building material, practicing various types of framing, including door and window installation as well as basic stair and roof construction. Students will learn basics of electrical, solar and sustainable construction, drywall, plumbing and masonry.

10.0 credits
Recommendation: A "C" or better in BITA 3.

(ROP) This is the final course in the four-year pathway. BITA 4 focuses on a capstone project. This project is a culmination of the series of courses. Student demonstrate skills learned throughout the four-year pathway to create, develop and present a capstone project.



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